may 14 1

The children enjoyed singing and making their own rhymes and song on the cards using different materials: Glue, glitter, paint, colourful tissue such as:

“5 little ducks went swimming one day”




may 14 3Children also made a sky full of stars…

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

We have learnt to count singing “12345 once I caught a fish alive”.




may 14 7We love sticking, so we used some spaghetti and glue and stuck it inside the first letter of each of our names. This was very interesting for the children because they were very happy to hear that this letter stands for their name e.g.  S for Sophie. The children especially loved playing with the spaghetti.




may 14 5The children loved to listen to THE GRUFFALO story. They made their own Gruffalo using semolina. They were using new words like: mouse, small, big, brown, scary, fur.

Children were creating their own sea after listening to the story “SEA LIFE” .They used sand, glitter and blue paint. They were spreading the glue along the paper and shaking the sand and glitter.




may 14 6The children had fun with messy activities like sand, water, lentils, pasta, rice, most of all they enjoyed playing with noodles!

We also found many interesting things in the garden like: snails.

In the month of June we are going to learn about our clothes and self-care. We will be painting shapes of clothes, looking at the books and learning how to put our shoes on. The children will continue to practise their gross motor skills, speech and balance.


In the Toddler Room…… 

May 14 9In the toddlers room we started off making our own rainbows with the children. In our circle time we talked about the rainbow and the different colours in the rainbow. Then the children painted their own rainbows. This was a great activity where children were able to express their own interpretation of what a rainbow looks like.




May 14 10We then started looking at different animals and creatures/insects. The children showed an interest in looking at butterflies and the patterns they have on their wings, so we did an activity where children were able to decorate and make their own patterns on the butterflies.

Ssssssnakes!!! The children loved reading a book about reptiles but they showed special interest in the snake section in the book. We then did a snake display where children designed the snakes, and used sand to create an environment for the snake, then used brown paint to create mud.



May 14 12

Snack time is the best time!! In the toddlers room we love our fruit so we did activity where we created fruit skewers. The children enjoyed picking the fruits they liked and putting them on the skewers and were in such a hurry to eat them at home time.




May 14 13We love sticking, so we used some spaghetti and glue and stuck it inside the first letter of each of our names. This was very interesting for the children because they were very happy to hear that this letter stands for their name. The children especially loved playing with the spaghetti.





In Pre-school…

This month in Preschool we have been looking at all types of animals. We found out about animals that live on a farm, in the jungle, on safari, in the sea and at home.


Old McDonald has a Safari Park

May 14 14We made up our own ‘Old McDonald’ song, our song was called ‘Old McDonald has a safari park’, we picked our own animals that we liked from the safari and put it in to a song!

 For our display we used the animals we had chosen and made animal prints, we all chose different colours to make it as vibrant and vivid as possible.



Animal Masks

May 14 15We made our own animal mask using a variety of resources, we chose our own animals and resources to see what we would need to make our mask special.




 ‘The Rainbow Fish’

May 14 18We listened to the story of the rainbow fish, we all thought it was kind of the rainbow fish to give his glittery scales away. We made our own rainbow fish, using our handprints to make the glitter scales.

When our rainbow fish was finished we wanted to find out how many scales he had in each colour. We each chose a coloured scale that we wanted to count and began our investigation.


Farm Mat

May 14 21We made our own farm mat, we painted our farm green for grass and blue for a pond. We sorted the farm animals into two groups of animals, those that graze on the land and those that survive in water.





Pet shop

During circle time we talked about the pets we have at home and the pets that we know.

May 14 22We took a trip to the local pet shop. We enjoyed seeing the different animals. We saw a rabbit, some hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, fish, a snake and a chameleon.




Animal puppets

May 14 29In preschool we have also been making animal puppets to put on our own puppet show. We used different materials to make our puppet such as cotton wool and multi-coloured tissue paper




Homework Project

May 14 28Well done to all of the preschool children who brought in their amazing homework projects, they are truly impressive!






Next Month….

Our theme next month will be Different cultures, we will be looking at different cultures and the cultures of our peers. We will be looking at food, celebrations, clothing, story books and customs.

Cultural Day

We will be celebrating our cultures by having a Cultural Day on Monday 23rd June. We would like everyone to wear traditional clothing from their culture. We will also be do a taste testing and would like children to bring traditional dishes on the day.


World Cup

In celebration of the upcoming world cup, we would like to have a Football Day on Thursday 12th June 2014. We will be playing ball games and have prizes for children.

We would like the children to dress in football kits, it doesn’t matter what team colours you wish to support!




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