Dear Parents, welcome to our January’s newsletter! We have thoroughly enjoyed the start to the New Year, and we are very pleased to share with you some of the fun activities and learning experiences the children have participated in over the past month.

Themes we enjoyed in January………


Red Green paint

In January the children enjoyed playing with colours and fruits and they experimented with a range of resources through sensory exploration. The children had lots of fun using different colours such as red and green.




water play feb

They used their hands and painting tools to make marks on the cards or the table. Babies loved getting messy. They practiced their fine motor skills and colour recognition. We have also learnt to recognize different fruits by name which encouraged the children’s speech and language as well as expressive arts and design.

Children have been learning how to play alongside others by tasting fruits together, smelling fruits, passing fruits to other children, playing with fruits all together, this encouraged the children to develop their Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

They have been playing with red, yellow and blue coloured water. They have been exploring new toys and how things can be used in different ways helping them to understand the world around them.

The children delighted in playing, “What did we find in the garden” which helped to develop the children’s understanding of the world. We practised how to find hidden toys and we found a picture of a bee and we also found a ball, a cat and some mice which the children decided to make into pictures for their display.

gruffalo feb

The children also enjoyed dancing with colourful scarves and we sang “The Rainbow Song” The children have practised walking, jumping, and crawling to encourage their physical development and they enjoyed reading their favourite book the “THE GRUFFALO”. We compared the BIG Gruffalo to the SMALL mouse and the children also compared the sizes of different animals too.



chinese new year feb

We celebrated The Chinese New Year. Our children made beautiful Chinese Dragons using crayons and markers. We have also enjoyed eating a Chinese Lunch at nursery.



In February the theme for the Babies Room will be Home and Family. We will be looking at our family pictures and learning to recognize our parent’s names. We will focus on many messy activities like: collages, painting, drawing, play dough, and colouring. We will be reading and looking at many books about Houses to practise speech development. Children will enjoy Mirror Play where we will be naming parts of our body and we will sing a Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes nursery rhyme. The children will also enjoy Bathing Dollies and dressing them and putting to bed to learn about daily routines. In February children will be experimenting with shapes and puzzles. We will be using lots of colour pink and red to make Valentine’s Cards.


Is that you wolf febIn Toddlers, our favourite story in January was “Is that you Wolf”. The children have been experimenting with media, materials and techniques to prepare the display of different characters from the story. They had fun with the cotton wool feeling how it splits into thin layers, pulls apart into small pieces or can be rolled up. They like the sensory experience of paint on their hands and drew circles and lines using their fingers. Through these activities we also practised colour recognition, expanded our vocabulary and practised counting.


Chinese new feb 14The Toddlers celebrated the Chinese New Year by making beautiful Chinese Dragons using paints and decorated Chinese masks with feathers. We looked at Chinese writing and we did mark making with wooden sticks on Chinese lanterns and used straws to write Chinese letters. Our home corner was transformed into a Chinese Restaurant and we enjoyed preparing Chinese food for our friends and ordering food from a menu. This encouraged our children’s knowledge of the world around them and turn taking.



In February, the Toddlers will be celebrating Valentine’s day and we will be demonstrating how we care for ourselves and our family. We will also concentrate on hygiene routines, caring for one another and the environment. We will be practicing sharing and turn taking, being helpful and kind. We will be talking about our families and the people we love and we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. 


In January we welcomed new children to the pre-school room and the children enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year. To welcome the new children to the class room we have been pairing the children up and we have been encouraging children to talk about interests and show their favourite books/toys during circle time.

cake making feb

We have been exploring Chinese New Year through a number of different activities for example we decorated dragon masks, made paper lanterns and decorated biscuits. Pre-school have also enjoyed eating a delicious traditional Chinese meal.

In February pre-school will explore the themes of caring for ourselves, others and the environment with activities such as discussing how we feel when we are kind and helpful to others, making a visual timetable for our routine, we will also be establishing Pre-school room rules, talking about the behaviour we should be displaying. Of course we will be getting ready for Valentine’s Day where we will make handprint heart cards for people we care about.

‘Kung Hey Fat Choy’ (Happy New Year) from all in Preschool!


Change to Tuesday’s Extra-curricular Activity


allstars playing febWe are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new extra-curricular activity on Tuesdays for the toddlers and pre-school children. Every Tuesday, the children will now attend attend our All Stars Activities at the Nuffield Health Centre in a fun and safe studio environment. All Stars is a  mixture of games and variety of sports activities  which fits in wonderfully with the New Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum; covering not only Physical education (as you would expect) but also Personal social and emotional, communication and problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. We have found the coaches patient and well organised and the session length is just right with a half hour session for each group.

All lessons are planned to the EYFS curriculum and the lessons not only help to improve movement and gross motor skills but introduce a variety of different sports. Physical Development is one of the Prime areas of learning and the All Stars lessons are designed around the 7 areas to help enhance the children’s all round learning. The Coaches work with our key workers and their planning and to meet the children’s individual planning.

For more information about All Stars, please take a look at their website:




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