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We are organising a collection of tins and packets of dried foods which we will donate to a local charity. We hope you will make a donation, if you have not already done so. This will support your child’s understanding of sharing, link home and nursery and interest the older children in a variety of foods they may not be familiar with and lead to investigation of where and how some foods are grown or made. We will use the gifts as role play props in our ‘Pre-school Harvest Shop’ until they are donated.



During the month of September our Pre-school children have focused on developing their listening skills. We have introduced a ‘Listening Bear’ who enjoys listening to stories, taking turns to speak about his ideas and sharing favourite stories with his friends.

Currently our children in Pre-school are exploring transport, sorting objects according to colour and shape, independent reading, using scissors, sensory and role play during their self-chosen play.

globetrotting-a-ed-1636The children continue to show interest in the Travel Agents and often board a morning flight to a variety of destinations, complete with luggage and sunglasses. Clipboards and pencils have been introduced to encourage the children to make marks and write for a variety of purposes such as passenger lists. The children have access to their name cards to help them to do so.

The children have shown interest in the story of Elmer by David McKee. This has encouraged discussions about their favourite colours and feeling ‘different and the same’. We have been exploring colour mixing using trays of paint and our hands. We have taken prints of our artwork for display. We have begun to explore the uses of recyclable materials in making and designing an Elmer of our own.

The children have been encouraged and supported in using the digital camera to record work they are proud of or objects that are of interest to them. They have been able to review their photographs on the camera screen and larger laptop screen.

autumnWe went on two ‘Autumnal Walks’ to Dundonald Recreation Ground. We were able to investigate pine cones, acorns, twigs, bark and a variety of leaves. We each took a bag to collect our finds and sorted, counted and photographed them on our return to make an illustrated number line. We took prints of the various leaves using paint and crayons whilst looking at patterns in nature. We found a log and played ‘Six Green and Speckled Frogs’ which we photographed and used to create our own counting book. We worked together to create a Power Point and book of our trip. We followed up our first visit with a second to make observations of any changes or differences in the environment and made some additions to our natural resources collection to use in our small world play.

During the last week of September we will be reading stories and talking about Harvest Festival. We will explore how things grow, where food is grown, how it is transported and places where we can buy it. We can suggest a very good book to support your child’s learning at home ‘The World Came to My Place Today’ by Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts.


The Toddlers have focused on their listening and turn taking skills whilst playing alongside their peers. They have introduced a ‘Listening Bear’ of their own, which they share at story time to help them take turns in speaking to the group. They have been supported in listening and following instructions during our Hip Hop Tots activities. Their key workers talk to them about their movements as they explore a variety of new ways of moving.

They have honed their listening skills whilst playing in the garden and have listened carefully to the environmental sounds around them. They have shown a great interest in aeroplanes, trains and other forms of transport and have explored printing with cars and trains in trays of paint. As a group they have enjoyed singing ‘The Wheels On The Bus…’ and playing turn taking games in the garden.

The Toddlers have enjoyed a trip to Dundonald Recreation Ground to listen for environmental sounds and collect natural materials for use in their play with vehicles and animals. They talked about their collection of leaves and twigs and made size and colour comparisons. They used leaves and paint to print and vocabulary associated with autumn and colour.

The room has been reorganised to create a messy play area in which the children are able to explore water, sand and mark making activities more freely.  going on a bear hunt

In celebration of ‘Autumn’, biscuits were decorated with autumnal coloured icing. The children were supported by an adult to talk about the different colours of the leaves, mix a variety of coloured icing and decorate their very own biscuit using spoons to mix and knives to spread. This encouraged the children to express their own preferences and interests and provided opportunities to do things independently.

The children have enjoyed listening to and participating in the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. They are able to join in with the repetitive text and begin to make-believe by pretending to be the characters.



gruffaloThe babies have focused on sharing and turn taking also. They are beginning to learn some things are theirs, some things are shared, and some things belong to other people. They have explored a variety of sensory act ivities, using their hands in trays of shaving foam, cooked pasta and rice. They have shared collage materials, glue and autumnal paints to make marks. These activities have encouraged interaction with others when exploring new situations with the support of a familiar person and given the babies opportunities to make choices.

The babies have enjoyed looking at the Gruffalo 1-5 counting book and developing an awareness of number names, participating in number rhymes and building towers using up to four blocks and playing cooperatively when encouraged and supported by their key workers.

The babies are supported in following the actions during Jiggle and Jam activities. They are encouraged to move their whole bodies to sounds they enjoy, imitate words and sounds, copy familiar expressions, anticipate repeated sounds and hold objects in each hand, sometimes banging them together when using musical instruments. This encourages them to express themselves through physical action and sound.

Using a mirror the babies are supported in identifying and naming body parts during naming games. They have experimented with hands and feet covered in paint to make prints on paper and encouraged to make connections between their movement and the marks they make.



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