Baby Room

March 14 1This month, the children enjoyed making different Spring animals such as sheep and chicks. They used different materials like cotton wool and colourful feathers. The children had fun watching feathers flying in the air and floating to the ground. The children practised their speech using new words during activities such as cotton wool, white, sticky, feather, colours, sheep, chick, light, dark, big, small.


March 14 2

We have been listening to the story of “The very hungry caterpillar”. Children made many different fruits using paint, tissue, paper, glitter and glue. They have been practising their fine motor skills and their speech and they have been learning new words such as purple plum, pear, red strawberry and green apple.


March 14 4

We have been lucky to have some beautiful weather in March so we have spent some lovely time in the garden having a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The children also ate their snack in the garden.

This month we have focused on messy play and sensory activities, so the children have enjoyed playing with lots of shaving foam, water, sand, mud, gloop, rice and pasta. They enjoyed mixing rice with water and pasta with mud.

March 14 5

We also celebrated St Patrick’s Day by wearing green clothes and making clovers.

The children love to help, so they had fun making  play-dough by mixing water, flour and different coloured food colouring. Well done babies!! 🙂

The children really enjoyed mark making and drawing with crayons and chalk. They have been practicing working as a team as well!



Toddler Room

March 14 7This month the children chose the Gruffalo as inspiration for their own design work. The Gruffalo is a favourite book that the children love to listen to and read about during circle time. The children used recycled cardboard materials to create a backdrop and puppets based on characters from the story. They decorated an owl puppet with colourful feathers and plastic eyes, helped paint and thread the green segments to make the snake, and created depth to our woodland backdrop by adding tissue paper.


March 14 8To continue our monthly fruit drawing activity, grapes and mangoes were our focus fruits. Once again the children observed beautiful visuals of the fruits, and then they used colourful markers to draw a representation of the fruits. Guided by their key workers, the children focused on simple shapes such as circles and ovals to form the contours of the fruits.



March 14 9

The children celebrated St Patrick’s Day by painting four-leaf clovers and glued paper cut-out shapes of three-leaf clovers. They attended nursery wearing green clothes and sat down at group time to listen to a story about Leprechauns.



March 14 10Pancake Day Competition

A big thank you to all parents for your support on Pancake Day! The pancakes you cooked were tasted by both the staff and children and were delicious. We are proud to announce that Baltasar’s mum from the Toddler Room was the winner; she created pancakes with a layer of fruit yoghurt and sliced strawberries. The prize was a beautifully decorated apron, hand decorated by the children which was full of beautiful bright colourful handprints!

On the day the children enjoyed a pancake, and a cooking lesson where they measured and mixed ingredients to make the batter for the pancakes. Dorel, our nursery chef then cooked the pancakes, rolled them up and sprinkled them with sugar. The children then sat down together to enjoy eating them.

Spanish Breakfast

March 14 11This month’s event, held on Friday 28th March, was in celebration of the Spanish culture. In preparation for this event the children have been painting Spanish flags, which will be displayed in the room, in red and yellow colours. They listen to Flamenco guitar music, which creates a festive ambience, throughout the day. Thank you to Emilio’s mum for bringing in a selection of children’s Spanish books. They have been greatly appreciated at the nursery and the children enjoy listening to the stories read to them in Spanish. By pointing to pictures in the stories, the children listen to the Spanish word and repeat what they hear. This is a great introduction to early learning of a second language.

We would like to thank all of you who came along to our Spanish breakfast on Friday 28th March; we hope you enjoyed it and had fun. We would like to say a special thank you to Carmen’s parents who cooked the wonderful home-made Spanish breakfast and to Baltasar’s mum for bringing the churros and hot chocolate, they were truly delicious!

Thank you to Kasper’s mum for sharing some children’s German books, based on transport, with the nursery. The children have showed great interest in the books and this has helped us plan group activities based on the themes from the books that the children enjoy.   If any parents have books from their own cultures, which they would like to share or donate to the nursery, please let us know and we would be greatly appreciative of this.


This month in Preschool we have been focusing on growth. We used different methods of measuring to calculate the size of an object or each other.

March 14 12First we made a height chart; we all stood by our height chart and marked how tall we are. From the chart we could see who was the tallest and who was the smallest in preschool.

We measured ourselves with the unifix blocks; we made a long line of blocks on the floor and took it in turns to lie down next to the line to be measured. We used our counting skills to count the lines of unifix blocks


March 14 13

We discussed during circle time what we want to be when we grow up, we had different ideas of what we would like to be giving reason for our choices. We had all different professions such as doctors, knights, princesses and the queen.

We took a special trip to our local supermarket to buy some bulbs and soil for us to do some planting in the garden. We choose some Priscilla bulbs to plant.

March 14 14

When planting we had to make sure we wore an apron so we didn’t get too messy. We filled our flower pot with soil, and then we made holes for our bulbs. We made sure we washed our hands after planting our bulbs.

We have been watering our bulbs to make sure they have enough water to grow.


March 14 15

During March we celebrated St Patrick’s Day. We made Irish flags and four leaf clovers to put on display; we chose different materials and resources to decorate our flags and clovers. 

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day by wearing green and we all wore green clothing. We listened to the story of St Patrick and we listened to Celtic and folk music. 


March 14 16

On Sunday 30th March we celebrate Mothering Sunday. We have made gifts and cards for our special mums and we have also made up some lovely poems.

Next month we will be celebrating the festival of Easter, we will partake in different activities such as an Easter egg hunt and Easter egg making.

We will also be celebrating St George’s day, and we will be learning the story of St George, making our St George’s flag and cooking some traditional scones.

Our main focus next month will be Spring, we will be making our own Spring sensory bottles, and collecting items from a trip to the park.



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