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The theme for this month in all age groups will be Autumn and the changing of the seasons.

Baby Room

In the Baby Room the will be breaking down the month into four areas which will be :

  • Weather; the children will be basing activities around wind, day and night, rain, clouds and the sun.
  • Autumn songs; the children will be learning new songs and rhymes such as Autumn leaves, falling leaves, ten round pumpkins, Peter, Peter pumpkin eater and little hedgehog.
  • Leaves; the children will be hunting leaves in the park to see what different colours ones they can find and also bringing some back with them to experiment with leaf printing which they will later make into a tree for baby room.
  • Messy activities; the children will be experimenting with leaves in water, sand and soil, mixing paint colours and soil and water.

Toddler Room

In toddlers they will also be focusing on four areas which will be:

  • Learning about changes within their routine and seasons and discovering different areas of learning.
  • All about me, where the children will be making new relationships, playing turn taking games and learning songs about themselves.
  • Zoo animals; the children will be learning the names of the animals and experimenting with painting patterns and colours.
  • Leaves; the children will collect leaves on a trip out to the park and then do activities where they will be encouraged to sort them using size, shape and colour. They will then use the leaves to make an Autumn display by using leaf prints.

Pre-school Room

Pre-school will also be learning about change:

  • They will be discussing how and why children have moved on to school and will be welcoming their new friends from toddlers, they will be reading ‘Splat the cat’ which is a story about how new things can be scary and visiting the library.
  • All about me; these activities will encourage the children to share and value others are different, they will be making a self registration board to enable the children recognise themselves and others and will be drawing themselves, their friends and their families.
  • Zoo animals; this will include lots of activities where the children will be sorting the animals using size, shape and pattern as well as making a display where they will place animals on the country they originate from.
  • Leaves; the children will be doing bark and leaf rubbing to discover pattern and form, they will also be colour mixing using paint to discover what colours they can make and how they change when mixed. The children will also be learning about the life cycle of trees and will be using the life cycle puzzles to show changes in the animals and environment around them.

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