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Live Guitar Music!

Feb 1We would like to say a huge thanks to Leo’s dad for coming to the nursery to play guitar for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sounds of the guitar and singing along to the songs.


Dates for the Diary!

We will be holding a Pancake Day competition on March 4th and we would like to thank those parents in advance for their participation in helping us judge the best pancake! We have provided some guidelines regarding the Pancake Competition which we attach to this newsletter and the winner will be announced in our next newsletter, good luck!!


Spanish Breakfast

Spanish BreakfastWe are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Spanish Breakfast on Friday 28th March. We will send you more information over the coming weeks about the what will food will be served for the breakfast, watch this space!






Feb 2In the Baby Room, we have been enjoying painting a shape of a house using rollers, paint brushes, hands and fingers. Children have been practising their fine motor skills and speech. Words we have used: house, big, small, yellow, red, touch, roller and feel.




Feb 3The Children very much enjoyed the game “What did we find at home” They found a lamp, a chair, and a window.





Feb 4The children have also been exploring and experimenting with different media and materials making hearts for Valentine’s Day. They had fun playing with red tissue paper and glitter.




Feb 5The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about My Body. They had fun making a body shape poster using couscous, glitter and glue. The words the children learned were Face, leg, foot, hand, finger, arm and shoulder.

The children also learned and practised how to recognise their eyes, nose, ears and mouth by pointing to their own picture.



Feb 7The Children also loved dancing to our new Spanish song:

Al corro de la patata, comeremos ensalada,

lo que comen los senores:patatitas y limones.

A chupe, a chupe

Sentadito me quede

In the Baby Room, our theme for March will be Spring and we will hold outings to the park to listen to different sounds: birds, trees and animals. We will focus on messy play like painting, water play, sand and mud play. We will be making chicks and birds.



Feb 8In Toddlers, we all welcomed Leo’s father, who shared his love of music and talent for playing the guitar and singing with us. The children sang along to songs; ’Old McDonald had a Farm’,’ Row, Row, Row your Boat’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.  We greatly appreciate parent involvement and it was a wonderful experience for the children!




Feb 9Physical development is one of our key areas of focus following the EYFS. In preparation for early writing, the children practised threading fruit onto wooden skewers (sharp end was made blunt). They first chopped the fruit up and made their selection from grapes, blueberries, clementines and bananas. This activity required hand to eye coordination and strengthening the muscles in the fingers and hands. The children did really well!




Feb 10Beautiful shades of green, teal and blue were mixed together by the children. Straws were dipped into paint pots and thin lines of paint were applied to their paper. They also used paintbrushes or applied paint directly with their hands. This activity encouraged the children to gain confidence and skill using different tools. It also provided them with an opportunity to select their own preferences.



Feb 13Marine life was an exciting topic to explore. The children often enjoy water play with plastic fish and coral, so to extend this learning interest, we decorated paper cut-outs of an octopus and fish. The children worked well in small groups, sharing resources and applying colourful tissue paper to decorate their sea creatures.

During the month of February, the children enjoyed making kiwi and banana smoothies. They used plastic knives to chop the fruit into smaller pieces, a jug to add soy milk and finally with guidance used a blender to mix all the ingredients together. During the cooking lesson, the children learnt about healthy eating, observed the different types of fruits and their textures, showed a keen interest in the loud sound of the blender, and liked the taste of their very healthy drink!



This month in Preschool, we have been focusing on caring for ourselves, others and our environment.

Feb 15During circle time we established our Preschool rules, we discussed what behaviour we think we should be showing, what behaviour makes our friends and teachers happy. We talked about what actions can upset us.





Feb 16

Some of us brought in family pictures in from home, we talked about our families and the people who are important to us, we drew pictures of our families, which were put on display.





Feb 17This moved us in to valentine’s week, we worked hard creating cards and gifts for our loved ones.

We did role play activities where we played the roles of familiar people, identifying what we do for the people we care about. We came up with lots of things we can do for the people we care about, such as listening, look after of them when they are sick and being kind. We also made hand print hearts, we mixed white and red paint with our hands.

Our role play area was transformed into an estate agents, we have been taken on the roles of the estate agents, buyers and sellers. As estate agents we had to find out information about our clients properties or what they were looking for.

Feb 18Preschool have been learning the importance of health routine, such as teeth brushing and washing hands. We talked about the steps we take to complete these routines and the importance of doing them.




Feb 22We produced a photographic poster for the bathroom and books about hygiene for us to read in the book corner.

We have introduced new water bottles in preschool to encourage children to drink more water during their day, so far this has been successful and the children enjoy having their own recognisable cup with their name and picture on.


Feb 20Each week we have been focusing on a different phonic sound, this month it has been the sounds E, H, R and M, we have been finding objects beginning with the focus sounds, practise forming the letter and going on treasure hunts to find the letters.




Feb 21The recent extreme weather conditions have been of interest to us in preschool, we have partaken in activities about weather, learning ways to protect ourselves from the weather. We played a game outdoors where we had to find shelter for the different weather conditions.

We made painting of the different weather conditions we have experienced.


Feb 24 Feb 23Feb 25







We have been talking about the people and jobs that care for us, others and our environment. We took on the role of some of the people and enjoyed learning about how they help.

During March we will be focusing on growth, we will be growing our own seeds, measuring the progress over time. We will be using a range of methods and resources to measure our self, setting up a height chart to compare how tall we are!

We will be celebrating St Patrick’s day, where we will have a green day, we will be having hand print four leave cloves and Irish flags.

We will be celebrating Mothering Sunday, and we will be making card and gifts for our mummies.

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