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Welcome to this month’s newsletter which we hope you will enjoy!

We have been very busy in April and the children have mainly focused on Sensory Play during their activities at nursery.

In the Baby Room, the theme for the Month of April was “The Farm”


April 2014 2

Together with the children we made different animals such as a horse, pig, cow, sheep and a dog. The children used their imagination to make the animals and had fun using Weetabix to make a horse, soap flakes to make a sheep and they enjoyed sticking brown wool to make the dog’s fur. They loved experimenting with different textures and materials.


April 2014 3

The children enjoyed activities like roller painting, glittering and hand printing. We have been using new words like: shiny, fast, slow and soft.




April 2014 4

The children enjoyed making beautiful Easter Decorations: eggs, bunnies, chicks, but most of all they enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt in the garden where they had to find hidden eggs J.They loved that game as the eggs were very shiny.




April 2014 5

We focused on sharing activities, so we played together with a ball, passing it to each other and singing our sharing song:” Jason has got the ball, what do you think of that? Jason then passed the ball to Mia, and then Mia has got the ball.” Children learn to take turns and enjoy throwing the ball to their friends.



April 2014 8We have been teaching children to identify objects from a group and find them.




April 2014 11We have also been cooking with the children and maybe a little bit of chocolate tasting too!!




In the month May we will focus on Stories, Nursery Rhymes, counting and experimenting with different media and materials.


In the Toddler Room, we celebrated International Children’s Book Day and focused on the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” as this is one of the toddlers favourite books. The children then designed the big bear in the story, by painting the bears and gluing eyes together to stick on the bear. The children enjoyed listening to the story and repeating the famous phrases like “we can’t go over it; we’ve got to go through it.

April 2014 13The children also enjoyed their weekly session at Young Stars which they go to every Tuesday afternoon. This month they enjoyed jumping on the mats, throwing and catching balls, practicing different movements like running and doing star jumps and playing games with the parachute.




April 2014 14The toddler’s room then began doing their Easter activities; we first started decorating an Easter basket by sticking different coloured materials onto the basket, which we then displayed in the messy play room.

We then organised an Easter egg hunt for the children, and hid Easter eggs around the garden, and gave each child a pot so they could go round and collect the eggs. The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to eat the chocolates!


April 2014 17The children thoroughly enjoyed making Easter bunny photo frames which was very exciting for the children, because all of them were happy to see their photo and would say “that’s me.” The children stuck on their bunny ears, nose and decorated their own frames.

Here comes more chocolate!!! We made chocolate Easter egg nests, using chocolate and cornflakes. The children loved mixing the chocolate with the cereal and scooping out their own portions into their cake cases. Then we added more of the mini Easter eggs for finishing touches.

April 2014 18We also celebrated St George’s Day, and during group time we talked about St George’s Day, and then the children painted a flag each using red paint.

This month we have been very busy celebrating Easter and St George’s day, as well doing activities around spring.

For spring we have been looking at how the weather has been changing as we go in to spring, we discovered that the weather is getting warmer.


April 2014 31We had a visit from the local librarian who read us different stories from the library; we really enjoyed listening to the story “never use a knife and fork”.

We then decided we wanted to make up our own stories, we put all the children’s ideas together and came up with the story, “the extraordinary adventures of James of mars”. We each made up a part of the story using our imagination.

Throughout April we have been making our own spring pictures using all different types of resources.

April 2014 20Our story this month has been ‘the very hungry caterpillar’, we have been using our story board to tell the story of ‘the very hungry caterpillar’. Some of us wanted to tell the story to our friends during story time and free play.




April 2014 22For Easter we have been doing a lot of craft activities, some of us made Easter baskets at home and brought them in for everyone to see.

As a group we made up our own Easter poem of the things we love about Easter.

We made lots of Easter decorations, including tissue windows, Easter bowls, bunny bags and printing Easter eggs.


April 2014 25We really enjoyed our Easter egg hunt in the garden, we found our eggs all around the garden and really wanted to eat them all.





April 2014 26

For St George’s day, we made our own St Georges flags, we used our fingers to make the big red cross on our flag.

We listened to the story of St George, we discovered he was very brave and courageous man who fought off a dragon to save the princess. We made a display of St George’s success.

On St George’s day we were able to follow a recipe in order to make English scones, which turned out really well!

Our trip to the cinema was a great success, we all enjoyed watching ‘frozen’ and it was a lovely day before the Easter break.


April 2014 28

We have already transformed our role play area in to ‘Butterflies vets’

And finally preschool children have been working hard on their costumes and song for the spring show, this performance will be on Wednesday 7th May at 9:30 am. We look forward to seeing you there, a must see!


Next month we will be focusing on animals, and the different kinds of animals, including animals from the farm, sea animals and mammals, pets, jungle and safari animals.

As part of this theme we would like each child in Pre-School to pick their favourite animal and create a project around this animal, as homework for the month.

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