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The Nursery themes for October will be based around Autumn and Halloween. We will be having a Halloween dress up day on the 31st October and we invite you to dress your child in an appropriate costume or in something orange to tie in with our lovely brand new sign!

Baby Room

We will be exploring the wonderful world of autumn animals, imagining if they have soft fur or prickly spines and discovering what colours they are! We will be painting bushy tailed red and grey squirrels and making and drawing prickly hedgehogs in their burrows. We will make collages of hopping and jumping rabbits and colouring in badgers using black and white paint and mixing different shades of brown to paint a mole burrowing under the ground! We will be discovering the tastes and smells of autumn fruit and vegetables and enjoying the seasonal changes around us, such as the falling leaves and cold breeze in our face.

We will be painting pumpkins with different facial expressions, doing vegetable printing, tomato sticking and singing songs about squashed tomatoes! Drawing apples and plums and eating yummy pies and yellow custard and painting and drawing cherries using different shades of red! We will be celebrating Halloween with pumpkins and fun costumes! We will be decorating hats with ribbons and bows, painting bats and sticking them to cardboard and making flying bat mobiles. We will be mixing black and orange paint and pretending to make pumpkin pies from orange, yellow and brown coloured dough as well as making shapes from pumpkin segments and singing autumn nursery rhymes and songs.

Toddler Room

We will be reading stories about Halloween, tasting different varieties of pumpkins, gluing and painting different shapes using shades of orange. The children will be learning about bats and different times of the day, making fruit bats to decorate our room as well as mask. We will be talking about night and day and how we sleep. We will also be talking about other nocturnal animals such as owls, hedge hogs and moles, making pictures and painting them. We will be singing about ‘Incey wincey spider’, making spooky spiders and their webs from string and wool and counting to eight and decorating the room with ribbons and scarves. We will also be doing lots of dressing up in various Halloween themed costumes as well as making iced spider web biscuits and painting and printing with different shades of orange.

The children will learning how the squirrel moves, how he hops and bounces and runs up the tree. The children will be looking for conkers and pine cones in the park and they will make collages with brightly coloured leaves. The children will be making glow in the dark ghostly ghouls from balloons and glow sticks and funny scarecrows to scare off the black crows in the farmer’s field.

Pre-school Room

Pre-school will be sending travelling teddy out to your homes now that he has returned from his extended summer holiday, he is an international jet setter nowadays! The children will also be starting a book lending scheme which will mean that your child will be able to take a book of their choice home for you to enjoy together and this will be changed every week. Continuing the theme of Halloween, the children will be learning about pumpkins and different shapes and sizes. They will get creative and make and decorate paper mache lanterns mixing red and yellow colours and painting in orange.

The children will be encouraged to learn about how pumpkins grow and will do free drawings of them. We will be enjoying a cooking activity and making “pumpkin bread” incorporating maths with measuring. We will be making spooky creatures mixing black and white paint using quantity and volume to make large and small bats. We will be talking about and reading the story “funny bone” during circle time. We will be cutting and sticking pictures of things to do with Halloween and having a Giants Treasure game and we will be practicing “What’s the time Mr Wolf”. We will also be having a treasure hunt where the children will be following a map and clues with a Halloween theme. We will be learning about creepy crawlies, making a jelly bug swamp from dissolved black and red coloured jelly.

We will play the matching game where we will be matching bugs to pictures, making spider webs, making spooky spiders and incorporating counting. We will be enjoying a fun cooking activity making spider web biscuits. The children will also enjoy dressing up in costumes, making witches broomsticks, painting and decorating their own capes, making black cat tails and ears and creating their own masks for our Halloween dressing up day!

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Butterflies Childcare was established in 2011 and caters for children aged 3 months to 5 years. We are extremely fortunate to have two fantastic buildings located in the heart of Wimbledon in Beulah Road which are dedicated to providing your child with the specialised care and attention that they need according to their age. We have a team of fully qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to nurturing the individual needs of every child attending our settings.

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