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Nursery Theme of the Month

The themes for this month will be Celebrations, Colours, autumn and countries around the world.

The Baby Room

Babies will be learning about bonfires, fireworks and poppies. They will be making pictures of exploding fireworks and bonfire displays using re and orange paint, glue and glitter to discover the various textures they can achieve,. They will also be experimenting with colour mixing using orange, black, yellow and red and will be painting with red and black to make pictures for Remembrance Day. Babies will also be continuing with their colour display and will be adding red and white to it. Babies will also be learning new nursery rhymes about rain, snow and bells.

The Toddler Room

Toddlers will be decorating cup cakes with coloured icing and making colourful firework pictures with their hand prints, spraying paint and glitter to make them sparkle, they will also be making poppy pictures by sponge printing. We will be making fizzing sounds like Katherine wheels and loud bangs like rockets and drawing bright sparklers with lots of glitter. For Diwali toddlers will be making colourful lanterns, collages and decorating Diwali lamps, Thanksgiving will be a time for the children to learn about animals which they will paint, colour and stick which will go towards making farm animal posters. Falling leaves will be the next topic and this will entail the children going to the local park to find and collect leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes, these will be used to make an autumn collage with the addition of leaf prints and rubbings.

Pre-school Room

Pre-school will be making firework pictures using paint and glitter and making fireworks using tubes and tissue paper, they will be celebrating Remembrance Day by making poppies, colouring pictures and counting the petals of the flowers. The children will be colour mixing using red, yellow and white paint and then will be doing hand prints to make a bonfire. The children will be learning about the element of fire and how it keeps us warm during the cold winter months.

Diwali will be the focus of the second week and will have lots of creative activities including making Diwali cards and Rangoli patterns as well as learning about Diwali, dressing up in traditional costume and cooking sweet rice.

Week three will be learning about Thanksgiving, the children will be sticking different textures of material on to turkey shapes, singing Old mc Donald and making a farm animal collage. They will also be making and decorating presents by using the items for junk modelling so lots of cutting and sticking.

In week four the children will be learning about different countries around the world, discussing their cultures, weather, animals, costume and languages as well as finding the countries on a map.

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