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Learning Through Play

At Butterflies we have created an environment to encourage all seven areas of learning. Below we have listed some of the activities that your child will enjoy during a typical day at nursery. These activities and resources demonstrate how we aim to encourage and stimulate your child’s instinctive curiosity, exploration, and imaginative play.

Butterflies Child Care

All-inclusive Activities

In addition to offering core activities and outings, Butterflies also offers all inclusive extra-curricular activities and classes such as Little Kickers, Hip Hop Tots, Jiggle & Jam, Theatre Tots, cooking and language and music preparation classes. We believe these activities should be enjoyed by all children and are provided at no additional cost. Our all-inclusive activities are delivered by experienced coaches and dedicated professionals.

These classes have been endorsed nationally and are recognised as the leading programmes for children in developing their natural skills and abilities. Please see our dedicated Activities & Partners section which explains the benefits that your child will gain from these enjoyable and rewarding activities.

Butterflies Child Care


Blocks help to develop mathematical, creative and physical skills and also help to develop a child’s understanding of balance, building and design. We include people, vehicles, and farm and wild animals as part of our block area and these resources form part of our continuous provision.

In this way children have access to construction activities throughout the day and the blocks range in size and shape depending on the child’s age.

Butterflies Child Care

Role Play

Through role play children explore their developing understanding of the world and it encourages interaction with other children and adults. It helps to encourage communication, builds confidence and self-esteem and cooperation.

Role play provides children with opportunities to develop their understanding of the world and become aware of their own personal experiences and re-enact them with their friends. Examples might include a doctor’s surgery, café, garden centre, the vets, or hairdressers.

Butterflies Child Care

Treasure Baskets

Using treasure baskets helps stimulate your child’s curiosity and imagination and these baskets contain everyday items such as natural sponges, pine cones, stainless steel utensils, different types of fabric such as velvet and corduroy, wooden spoons, and scented items.

We use treasure baskets in both our baby and toddler areas to develop their imaginations and sensory perception through the manipulation of different visual and tactile stimuli.

Butterflies Child Care


Mark making helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills and also encourages early writing dexterity. It helps to encourage creativity through drawing pictures using different resources such as play dough, glue, glitter, buttons, feathers, straws, sand and cornflour.

The children can use a variety of mark making resources such as chalks, pencils, crayons, child friendly felt pens and paints on different types of card and paper. These activities are available to babies and children, both indoors and outdoors.

The older children are encouraged to use notebooks to practice writing words and numbers able to play games that relate to the real world and this helps to encourage these skills. For instance, they will be encouraged to write restaurant menus and shopping lists in the role play area, take the register or simply to use notebooks.

Butterflies Child Care

Physical Development

Whenever possible our carers take the children to the local park where they can enjoy and experience the benefits of a safe and secure climbing frame, slide and swings. This encourages the older children that are more capable of climbing and helping them to strengthen their bodies and increase their confidence and mobility.

Through the dedicated Youngstars, Jiggle & Jam and Hip Hop Tots classes that we offer at Butterflies our children can develop their physical skills and enjoy discovering what they can achieve by themselves which helps to promote their self-esteem and self-awareness.

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Butterflies Childcare was established in 2011 and caters for children aged 3 months to 5 years. We are extremely fortunate to have two fantastic buildings located in the heart of Wimbledon in Beulah Road which are dedicated to providing your child with the specialised care and attention that they need according to their age. We have a team of fully qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to nurturing the individual needs of every child attending our settings.

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