Theatre Tots

We often invite Theatre Tots to Butterflies for extra-curricular activities as they are fantastic for developing children’s imagination, language skills and confidence. Drama, music and dance are inclusive and holistic and encourage children to engage using their bodies and minds – whilst having lots of fun!

Theatre Tots Drama Workshops are specifically designed for the Early Years foundation stage which is why their sessions are such a fantastic activity for our children at Butterflies.  They are flexible and adaptable and we can choose from our existing list of themes or and we can ask them to design a bespoke workshop to fit in with the work with our curriculum. They also offer bilingual workshops as a way of introducing children to other languages.

Theatre Tots workshops focus on the imagination, language development, social, physical and vocal awareness in a confidence building environment. The teachers bring costumes, props and imagination ready for a fun, exciting and unique sessions.  This typically includes games, mimes and imitation, tongue twisters, costumes, stories, characters, sock puppets, props and songs.