Jiggle And Jam

Jiggle & Jam is a fun and exciting music and movement class. The Jammers class is for toddlers aged 1 to 3.5 years and involves storytelling, linking songs and rhymes into an animal adventure with puppets, toys, walking, jumping & circle songs, masks, parachute, bubbles & much more.

Our Carers will be encouraged to join in with their key children on the adventure, singing along and taking part in the actions. After simple stretches with Albie the Octopus & friends, the children sing and move as they paint a magic rainbow, zoom into space, row down the river, walk through the jungle and across the countryside, meeting lots of animal friends along the way. There are lots of colourful props (masks, stars, rainbow rings, stretchy river, puppets) to enhance musical movement, focus attention and encourage participation with choosing and putting away. The children then board the magic bus and train (or pirate ship!) with their instruments, as they journey to the seaside. This part of the class brings a change of pace as toddlers choose a percussion instrument and jam along as they wish! Finally they reach the ‘Ocean’ – a giant parachute – for a party with the fish, animals and Albie the Octopus under the sea. The class finishes with quieter songs and bubbles, as the children sing the animals to sleep.

The Jigglers Class is music and movement for babies through songs, rhymes and baby yoga-inspired actions, swings and holds, plus instruments, colourful scarves and bean bags, bubbles and more! Each class lasts 40 minutes and includes stretch and sing, walk and swing – using special, safe holds, swaying or ‘flying’ in time with our singing.

We are joined by Albie the Octopus & friends for ‘Row row your boat’ and finally we finish with Bubbles and ‘Boo!’ with peek-a-boo songs using colourful scarves, the silly ‘bean bag’ song (!) and, finally, some calmer songs accompanied by the ever-popular bubbles! We are sure our babies will love this class! Click here to find out more about Jiggle and Jam on their website.

At Butterflies, we offer Jiggle And Jam classes every Wednesday as part of our Learning Through Play curriculum.