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Butterflies Child Care

Butterflies Childcare Limited Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions govern the basis on which we agree to provide childcare services to you.



1.2.   Contact parents within seven days upon receipt of the registration form via telephone and email.

1.3.   Provide childcare facilities at the contracted times excluding Bank Holidays, one week over the Christmas period and three INSET days.

1.4.   Notify you at least two weeks in advance if we change the opening hours of Butterflies Childcare and we will endeavor to accommodate your child’s hours at the nursery.

1.5.   Operate a waiting list which will be based on the following criteria:

1.5.1.    The date the application is received and those who have been on the waiting list for the longest time.

1.5.2.    If children already have siblings at the nursery

1.5.3. Children who are currently attending the nursery who wish to change their days. This includes any additional sessions and/or extended hours.

1.6.   Whenever possible provide ongoing verbal updates to your child’s progress along with parents evening which will take place every 3 months

1.7.   Contact parents immediately should their child become unwell during the day. In the case of Butterflies staff being unable to contact the parent, the nursery reserves the right to contact the child’s own GP and if necessary take a child to hospital in an emergency.



 2.1.   Complete and return Butterflies health record including notification of any allergies before your child starts nursery and you are obliged to immediately inform us of any changes to your child’s health so that our records can be updated accordingly.

2.2    Be requested to fill in a medicine consent form if at any time Butterflies staff are required to administer any medicines to your child (whether they are prescribed or over the counter medicines).

2.3    Keep your child from attending the nursery if they are poorly and upon their return to Butterflies we will ask you to identify your child’s illness so that we can update our health records and to avoid the spread of contagious illnesses to other children.

2.4.   Children suffering from sickness are asked to stay away from the nursery for a recommended period of time, details of which are set out on our website under our Health & Safety Section.

2.5    Immediately inform us of any changes to your contact details

2.6.   Provide the nursery with up to date details of authorised adults permitted to collect your child. If the person collecting your child is not usually responsible for collecting them, then we require you to provide us with your unique password before we will release your child.

2.7.   Supply us with all information regarding any court order you child may be involved in and provide us with a copy of such order on request and signing as a Legal Guardian below.

2.8.   Immediately inform us if you are unable to collect your child from nursery by the official collection time. A late payment charge of £8 per quarter of an hour after the contracted collection time will be added to your next monthly fee or you will be asked to make payment in cash which will be distributed amongst the staff working the late shift.

2.10. Notify us at the earliest opportunity of any dates on which your child will not be attending the nursery.

2.11. Provide your child with waterproof clothing and at least one spare change of clothes and all clothes must be clearly marked with your child’s name as Butterflies do not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your child’s property.

2.12. Supply Butterflies with all baby changing products including wipes, nappies and creams.

2.13. Provide your child with a toothbrush if you wish your child to wash their teeth after meal times or at any point during the day.



3.1    Our fees are based on a “weekly fee” which we will inform you of when you child’s place has been accepted and confirmed at Butterflies. We may review these fees periodically however we will give you at least 1 months’ notice of the updated fees before they come into effect.

3.2.   If you do not feel you are able to pay the revised fees, we request you provide us with written notification at least one month prior to withdrawing your child from the Nursery.

3.3    All fees must be paid one month in advance and on the 25th day of every month including all voucher payments that are due. Charges are calculated on a weekly basis and multiplied by 51 weeks and divided by 12 to arrive at a pro-rata monthly fee. Bank Holidays, Inset days and family holidays that fall within this 51-week period are non-refundable. All payments made under this agreement must be by direct debit. We may agree to payment by cheque, but it is your responsibility to obtain a receipt from the Principal as proof of payment.

3.4    In order to secure your child’s place at Butterflies you are requested to pay an upfront enrolment fee of £150 per child within seven days of receiving our email confirming your child’s place at Butterflies. You are also required to return a signed copy of our Enrolment form and Terms & Conditions within this period. Once you have signed the Enrolment form and Terms and Conditions stating your child’s start date and the days you require, nursery fees will become due from this start date. If you wish to vary the days your child attends nursery or change the start date, please provide us with at least two month’s notice or you will be charged an extended reservation fee of £300.00 to change your child’s scheduled attendance. Failure to pay the enrolment fee or return a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions within the seven day period will result in your child losing their place at Butterflies. Enrolment fees are non-refundable including cases where a place has been accepted and a parent changes their mind.

3.5    In cases where a space is no longer needed, Butterflies require a minimum of two months’ notice in writing providing the nursery with a specific leaving date and you are required to inform us in writing.

3.6.   Every child that attends Butterflies is invited to attend a settling in period of 12 hours which is provided free of charge. You may feel that your child needs more hours this is available at a cost of £8/hour. This payment should be made along with the enrollment fee and is non-refundable in cases where a place has been accepted and a parent changes their mind.

3.7    In cases where you need to reduce your child’s hours/sessions, you are required to provide 1 months’ notice in advance and failure to do so will in result in you being charged the full month’s fees.

3.8.   If you fail to make payment in full by 25th day of each month we will enforce a late payment fee of £8/day until payment has been made. Overpayments will be charged an administration fee of £20.00

3.9   If you require any additional ad hoc days for your child at nursery or any emergency childcare, you will be charged £75/day and £5.50 for lunch and snacks. We require at least 24 hours’ notice to provide this additional service. The nursery does not offer swap days, so if you child does not attend on a booked session then you will unfortunately not be permitted to swap this missed session for another free of charge.

3.10 Due to high demand for nursery places, the nursery offers a minimum of 3 half day sessions or 2 full days per week.

3.11 Butterflies Childcare offer a discretionary 10% discount for siblings where the discount is provided for the eldest child and both children must attend nursery for more than 3 days.


SUSPENSION – We reserve the right to suspend your child’s nursery place if:

 4.1.   You fail to pay any outstanding fees within seven days of the 1st day of each month when all payments are due.

4.2.   Your child displays consistent signs of unacceptable behaviour or endangers the safety and well-being of another child or adult at the nursery. If these issues are unresolvable, then the suspension may lead to termination, however we will endeavour to work with parents, third parties or agencies that will assist in alleviating the child’s behavioural issues

4.3    In the event that your child is either suspended and/or the suspension leads to termination of this Agreement, a refund will be given on a pro-rata basis and will be paid within seven days of your child leaving the nursery.

4.4    Both parties reserve the right to termination this Agreement in writing if the duration that the child is suspended exceeds one month.



5.1    You may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing us with at least two months’ notice in writing by letter or email.

5.2    We may immediately terminate this Agreement if:

5.3    You fail to pay any outstanding fees within seven days of the 1st day of each month when all payments are due.

5.4.   You breach any of your duties and responsibilities under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time of us asking you to.

5.5    You behave unacceptably, as we will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards staff.

5.6.   Your child continues to display consistent signs of unacceptable behaviour or endangers the safety and well-being of another child or adult and where remedial action from third parties or agencies has been unsuccessful.

5.7.   Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Butterflies is required to close, the Nursery will notify you at the earliest opportunity.

5.8.   You may immediately end this Agreement if:

5.9.   We breach any of our duties and responsibilities under this Agreement and we unable to resolve the breach within a reasonable time period.

5.10.   Butterflies Childcare Limited becomes insolvent.



6.1    In the event of termination of this Agreement and for six months after the date of termination if you either directly or indirectly breach either/or clauses 6.1.1. and/or 6.1.2. outlined below, then you shall pay us a sum representing 20% of the identified member of staff’s gross annual salary at the time they left our employment and/or services. This figure represents the costs to us of recruiting a suitable replacement member of staff. Therefore, you will not be permitted to

6.1.1.     Employ or otherwise engage childminding services of any member of Butterflies staff who has had contact with your child under this Agreement in the last 6 months.

6.1.2.    Allow or permit the provision of any childcare services including nurseries, after or out of school day care to your child/children by any member of Butterflies staff who has had contact with your child under this Agreement in the last 6 months.

6.2    Should parents wish to employ the services of Butterflies Staff for ad hoc babysitting out of Nursery hours, they will be required to pay a fee of £30 per year and they shall be required to sign a disclaimer agreement, which shall exempt Butterflies Childcare from any potential claims of injury, loss, damage, liability, or costs arising from an act of negligence or expense or compensation suffered or incurred by the Parent as a result of employing a Butterflies member of staff for such babysitting services.



7.1    We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant authorities. We may do so without your consent and/or without informing yo

7.2.   Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we endeavour to address any complaints within a reasonable time period and all matters will be treated in the strictest confidence. Any complaints should initially be discussed with your child’s key worker. If you feel that the complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, you are requested to report the complaint to the Principal. Failure to resolve the complaint at this stage will be referred to the Proprietor and potentially Ofsted depending on the severity of the complaint.

7.3.   In the event that Butterflies is forced to close due to unforeseen events or circumstances we will not provide alternative childcare facilities for your child and we will provide a credit for those days that we are closed excluding Bank Holidays.

7.4.   Unless we specifically request otherwise your child should not bring any of their own toys to nursery. If they do bring toys with them, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to those toys.

7.5    As part of your child’s Learning and Development Plan, we will take photographs of your child carrying out day to day activities. These will only be accessible to parents, Butterflies Staff and educational regulatory authorities and they will be kept securely on the premises at all times. We may also take general photographs of Butterflies children and use these for promotional or marketing purposes. If you do not wish us to take photographs of your child for either use we request you to put this in writing to the Principal.

7.6.   Butterflies Childcare reserves the right to change your child’s minimum weekly hours of attendance at nursery subject to Butterflies Childcare providing one month’s written notice.

7.7.   Butterflies Childcare reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions contained herein providing one month’s written notice.

(Last updated April 2017)


I/we hereby agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined above on __________________

(Please use format dd/mm/yyyy)


First Parent/Legal Guardian (please print name)           Second Parent/Legal Guardian (please print name)

Signature                                                                  Signature


Please make all payments to the following bank account:

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: Butterflies Childcare Limited
Account Number:  32148412
Sort Code: 40-07-30


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