At Butterflies we pride ourselves on providing all our children with the most nutritious meals as we are fully aware that nutrition is of the utmost importance for young growing children.

We are keen to support local businesses alongside promoting animal welfare and wherever possible we source organic produce for all our recipes.

Yummy Recipes

We change our menus on a weekly basis and these menus are regularly rotated to ensure variety for the children. The menu has been designed to provide a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet ensuring that all the meals are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Meals are cooked fresh every day on the premises by our Head of Catering and we endeavour to use organic produce depending on availability. Breakfast is served until 8.30am and we offer a selection of cereals including; porridge, muesli, fresh fruit and weetabix. We also offer toast with butter, jam, honey or marmalade and yogurt and a selection of fruit juices and milk.

We will be more than happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements and food allergies that your child may have. At Butterflies we believe it is important that children are provided with the opportunity to develop their social skills during meals and good table manners and at all meal times we encourage the children to sit down together with the staff.