Our Policy

Butterflies Childcare does not discriminate against any child with regards to their family setting or background nor do we discriminate against a child’s sex, race, colour, religion, age or disability.

Waiting List

We operate a waiting list and priority of places will be offered based on the criteria below:

  • The date the application is received and those who have been on the waiting list for the longest time.
  • If children already have siblings at the nursery.
  • Children who are currently attending the nursery who wish to change their days.

Once a registration form has been completed parents will be contacted as soon as a place becomes available via telephone and email. If we do not hear back within seven days of the date of the email we will assume that parents no longer wish to reserve a place at Butterflies. Once contact has been made, parents have seven days to accept the place otherwise it will be withdrawn.


Any information given to us from parents will be used solely for the use of Butterflies Childcare and will be treated in the strictest confidence and kept secure and safe on the premises. If for any reason we are obliged to provide information to an external source you will be notified. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform Butterflies if their details should change.